Rocketspark @ Techfest 2020

Rocketspark is pleased to support TechFest 2020 in Hamilton and we're running two events to help you get the most out of your online presence


The Simple Essentials Of An Effective Website


Rocketspark has helped thousands of businesses to get online.  In this free seminar we'll share insider tips and tricks on how to be more successful online.  The insights we share will be relevant regardless of the website platform you use and they will be easy to understand and action.   

What you'll learn

  • Easy design principles that work
  • Simple ways to improve your search rankings
  • How to make effective landing pages 
  • Learn the value of a blog and how to make one
  • Bring your own questions for Q+A time 


Build A Website That Works For You


Join our afternoon workshop and crank up your laptop to implement what you learned in the morning session. You’ll learn first hand how to build a Rocketspark website, the beautifully simple way. The Rocketspark team will send you some helpful pre-work guidance to help you get the most from the workshop.

What you'll create

  • Build a home page that will get found and convert
  • Optimise your home page for search engines
  • Add your first blog post
  • Add a great call to action for your customers
  • Connect your social media accounts


Do I have to be a current Rocketspark customer to attend?

You don't need to be a current Rocketspark customer to attend the seminar or workshop. If you are a current Rocketspark customer you are also more than welcome to attend and we would love to see you. 

Do I have to attend the Seminar in order to attend the Workshop?

You don't have to attend the seminar in order to attend the workshop. However you may find useful tips and information in the seminar that may help your knowledge leading into the workshop. 

If I have a current Rocketspark Website can I still attend the Workshop?

Yes you are more than welcome to attend the Workshop and Seminar if you are a current Rocketspark customer. If you are looking at refreshing your site or wanting to know best practice this can be a great fit for you. 

However if you are a more advanced user of Rocketspark you may find the pace slower than you are used to. If you do need help or are wanting to catch up with the Rocketspark team at Techfest come to our stall throughout the day or contact us here.


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